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Namelist "Level_Set_Method"

This data setup is devoted to the level set method used for the simulation of immiscible two-fluid flows.
It is not available for the release SUNFLUIDH_EDU.

Full data set of the namelist

&Level_Set_Method Level_Set_Enabled= .true. , 
 Automatic_Interface_Thickness_Scale= .false.,
 Interface_Thickness_Scale= 1.175D-02 /
  • This method is only used in the context of incompressible two-fluid flows at present.
  • The data “Incomp_MultiFluids” must be set to “.true.” in the namelist “Fluid_Properties” for using the level set method.
  • Not available for the release SUNFLUIDH_EDU .

Definition of the data set

Level_Set_Method Level_Set_Enabled

  • Type: boolean value
  • The level set method is enabled (.true.) or not (.false.)
  • Default value = .false.


  • Type: boolean value
  • The interface thickness is automatically estimated from the cell size (.true.).
  • Default value = .false.


  • type = real value
  • Value of the half-thickness of the numerical interface considered between the fluids. It is only imposed when the data Automatic_Interface_Thickness_Scale= .false.
  • Default value = .false.
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