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Namelist "Statistical_Fields_Listing"

This data set defines the statistical fields that the user wants to record as results of simulation.
The time parameters used to configure the calculation of statistical fields are present in the namelist “Simulation_Management”.
The files of statistical fields are written in binary format. They are named in the form rst_xxxxxxx_yyyyy.d. 'yyyyy' is the subdomain number for simulations based on the MPI domain-decomposition approach, 'xxxxxxx' is the file number.
Don't forget to set the boolean data “End_of_Data_Block” at the end of the namelist. The value is “.false.” by default. A “.true.” value means the end of the data set when several namelists are used to define several records of statistical fields.

Full data set of the namelist

 &Statistical_Fields_Listing  Name_of_Field = "<U>   " , Recording_Enabled = .true.  /   !---- Averaged I-velocity component


  • Type : String of six characters (maximum)
  • This data names the statistical quantity to record. This name must match with the lookup table of the code
  • The list of the available statistical quantities are showed here.
  • In order to record any new statistical field, please contact the developer (yann.fraigneau@limsi.fr_to_removed).


  • Type : Boolean value
  • The record of the statistical field is activated (if .true.)


  • Type: Boolean value
  • This means the end of the data set when “.true.” is set.
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