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Mesh generator for sunfluidh

In the code Sunfluidh, the spatial discretization of equations is carried out on a cartesian staggered grid.
When the grid is regular (cell size is identical over the computational domain), the code build the mesh itself. The user can also build a non-regular grid for sunfluidh by using the in-house software Meshgen.

More regular is the mesh more accurate is the simulation. Several basic rules should be respected so far as it is permitted.
  • The cell-size ratio between two adjoined cells along any direction does not generally exceed 5%, especially in the strong gradient areas.
  • For every cell, the aspect ratio should be :
    $$0.2 \le \frac {\Delta x_j}{\Delta X_i} \le 5$$
    This rule can be relaxed in some peculiar cases (weak gradient area, close-wall area, …)
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