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Namelist "Two_Fluids_Initialization"

This data setup is used to define the initial density field over the domain in the specific case of immiscible fluids (density field with discontinuity).

Full data set of the namelist

The values are arbitrary chosen.

 &Two_Fluids_Initialization   Initial_Field_Option_For_Two_Fluids= 4 , Interface_Height= 0.7500000D+00 /


Definition of the data set


  • Type : integer value
  • selection of the density distribution defined in the source file “module\_user\_define\_init\_fields.f90”.
  • The user can define his own distribution in this source file (which will be associated with a new selection number).
  • The most commonly used is the option 4, the constant height of the fluid interface.
  • Default value = 0 (no initialization)


  • Type : real value
  • this parameter is related to a length scale of the density distribution. For the option 4, it is the height of the interface between the fluids such that the normal vector of the interface is defined along the I-direction.
  • Default value = 0.0
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