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Example of border boundary conditions

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  • This example is defined for a 2D geometrical configuration. The size of the domain is $1.5 \times 1.0.$
  • An inlet is located at the down left side of the domain.
  • An outlet is located at the top right side of the domain.
  • A symmetrical plan is located at the bottom of the domain (Y=0)

  • We remind the user the domain is enclosed by default. Wall boundary conditions are implicitly defined at the ends of the domain.
  • The inlet and the outlet are built from the namelists Inlet_Boundary_Condition and Outlet_Boundary_Condition, respectively.
    These boundary conditions replace the wall boundary conditions (default) over the areas defined in the namelists.
    The inlet and outlets boundary conditions are presented herein for the sake of clarity.
  • The border boundary condition in accordance with the described configuration are shown just after the inlet/outlet conditions.

Inflow data

  • The flow is homogeneous (no multi-species gas)
  • Conditions are constant in time
 Type_of_BC= "INLET", Direction_Normal_Plan= 1 ,
 Plan_Location_Coordinate= 0.0   ,
 Start_Coordinate_of_First_Span = 0.0, End_Coordinate_of_First_Span = 0.5,
 Start_Coordinate_of_Second_Span= 0.0  , End_Coordinate_of_Second_Span= 0.0 ,
 Flow_Direction= 1 ,
 Normal_Velocity_Reference_Value= 1.0  , 
 Temperature_Reference_Value= 293.0 ,   
 Density_Reference_Value=  1.2,
 Define_Velocity_profile= 0 /

Outflow data

  • The outflow is based on the mass flowrate conservation.
  • The normal pressure gradient is zero (Neumann boundary condition).


 Type_of_BC= "OUTLET", Direction_Normal_Plan= 1 ,
 Plan_Location_Coordinate= 1.5   ,
 Start_Coordinate_of_First_Span = 0.5    , End_Coordinate_of_First_Span = 1.0 ,
 Start_Coordinate_of_Second_Span= 0.0    , End_Coordinate_of_Second_Span= 0.0 ,
 Flow_Direction= 1 /

Border boundary conditions

  • The “BACK” end of the domain must be a symmetric plan.
  • The other ends of the domain must be unchanged :
    • WEST : Inlet + Wall (by default West_BC_Name= “None”)
    • EAST : Outlet + Wall (by default East_BC_Name= “None”)
    • FRONT : Wall (the default boundary condition not modified, (by default Front_BC_Name= “None”))
 &Border_Domain_Boundary_Conditions  Back_BC_Name= "Symmetric" /

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