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Namelist "Cylindrical_Immersed_Bodies"

This data setup is used to build the cylindrical solid bodies that contribute to the geometrical configuration. The form and the position of each cylinder are defined by means of its height, the axis lengths of its elliptic base and coordinates of the mid-height point.

Full data set of the namelist

 &Cylindrical_Immersed_Bodies  Axis_Direction= 1 ,
                               Xi_Center= 0.0   
                               Xj_Center = 0.0 ,
                               Xk_Center= 0.0,
                               Small_Axis_Radius= 0.0 , 
                               Great_Axis_Radius= 0.0 , 
                               Half_Height= 0.0,

In 2D geometrical configurations, only the part related to the base of the 3D-cylinder can be used to build an elliptic form. In this case, the height of the cylinder is zero and the coordinates of the mid-height point coincide with the center of the ellipse.

Find here how to construct the wall boundary conditions and some examples.

Definition of the data set


  • Type : real value
  • This value defines the orientation of the axis with respect to the grid index {I,J,K}. The values 1, 2 and 3 are associated to the I,J and K-direction, respectively.
  • Default value : none

Xi_Center, Xj_Center, Xk_Center

  • Type : real value
  • Coordinates of the mid-height point of the cylinder (in 3D) or the center of the ellipse (in 2D).
  • Default value : none


  • Type : real value
  • Half length of the small axis of the elliptic base of the cylinder.
  • Default value : none


  • Type : real value
  • Half length of the great axis of the elliptic base of the cylinder.
  • Default value : none


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