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Namelist "Instantaneous_Fields_Listing"

This data set defines the instantaneous fields of the physical quantities that the user wants to record as results of simulation.
The recording rate is defined with the variable “Field_Recording_Rate” that belongs to the namelist “Simulation_Management”.
The files of instantaneous fields are written in binary format. They are named in the form res_xxxxxxx_yyyyy.d. 'yyyyy' is the subdomain number for simulations based on the MPI domain-decomposition approach, 'xxxxxxx' is the file number.
Don't forget to set the boolean data “End_of_Data_Block” at the end of the namelist. The value is “.false.” by default. A “.true.” value means the end of the data set when several namelists are used to define several records of instantaneous fields.

Full data set of the Namelist

  &Instantaneous_Fields_Listing  Name_of_Field = "U" , Recording_Enabled = .true.  /      !--- First velocity component


  • Type : String of six characters (maximum)
  • This data names the physical quantity to record. This name must match with the lookup table of the code which is composed of 18 pre-selected physical quantities.
    • “U ” : Velocity component along the I-direction
    • “V ” : Velocity component along the J-direction
    • “W ” : Velocity component along the I-direction
    • “T ” : Temperature
    • “P ” : Pressure
    • “RHO ” : Density of the fluid
    • “divU ” : Divergence of the velocity field
    • “divRU ” : Divergence of the momentum field
    • “PHI ” : Pressure increment ($P^{n+1}-P^n$)
    • “drho ” : Part of the source term of the Poisson's equation linked to the mass variation. For expert users only.
    • “SCR_P ” : Source term of the Poisson's equation. For expert users only.
    • “S_RAD ” : Radiative source term (when radiative heat transfer is considered in some specific simulations)
    • “MU ” : Dynamic viscosity of the fluid
    • “MU_SG ” : subgrid dynamic viscosity associated to the LES model selected.
    • “TRACE ” : Passive tracer or distance function used in the context of two-phase flow simulation with a level-set approach
    • “Te ” : Electronic temperature (simulation of ionized gas)
    • “rho_e ” : density of electrons (simulation of ionized gas)
    • “roehe ” : Electronic enthalpy (simulation of ionized gas)
  • In the case of multi-species flows, instantaneous fields of species mass fraction can be recorded. for that set the name of the species already used in the namelist “Species_Properties” in the variable “Name_of_Field.
  • In order to record any new instantaneous field, please contact the developer (yann.fraigneau@limsi.fr_to_removed).


  • Type : Boolean value
  • The record of the instantaneous field is activated (if .true.)


  • Type: Boolean value
  • This means the end of the data set when ”.true.“ is set.
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