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This data set allows the user to link any chosen physical quantity with probes.
The time series of the physical quantity are recorded in a file in ASCII format named n_ins_yyyyy.d :

  • “n” refers to the name of the physical quantity (i.e. n=u for the i-velocity component, n=t for the temperature, n=r for the density, n= p for the pressure,…).
  • 'yyyyy' is the subdomain number which the probes belong to (particularly useful when the simulation is performed with a MPI domain decomposition approach).

Data are ordered in columns, the first refers to the time, the second refers to the first probe and so on … the position of each probe is written on the first line of each file.

Full data set of the namelist

                                                        Probes order    U    , V     , W      , T      , P      , RHO
 &Probe_Quantities_Enabled  Temporal_Series_For_Quantity_Enabled(:)= .true. , .true., .true., .false., .false., .true. /

Definition of the data set


  • Type : Allocatable array of boolean values. The array size is automatically made.
  • Each array component is associated to a physical quantity in this order :
    • component of velocity along the I-direction
    • component of velocity along the J-direction
    • component of velocity along the K-direction
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Density
    • Mass fraction of Species 1 (if it exists)
    • Mass fraction of Species n (if it exists)
  • Each element of the array must be initialized by the values .true. or .false.
  • The user can activates the chosen physical quantity in order to get time-series related to the probes placed over the domain (see the namelist “Probe_Location”).
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