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Computational domain configuration

We here suppose a regular cartesian grid. We set the geometrical configuration, the place and the size of the domain as well as the mesh size.

For a sequential computing

  &Domain_Features Geometric_Layout               = 0,         !--- Option value for a cartesian geometry
                   Start_Coordinate_I_Direction   = 0.0  ,     !--- Start coordinate along the I-direction
                   End_Coordinate_I_Direction     = 12.  ,     !--- End coordinate along the I-direction   
                   Start_Coordinate_J_Direction   = 0.0  ,     !--- Start coordinate along the J-direction
                   End_Coordinate_J_Direction     = 2.0  ,     !--- End coordinate along the J-direction
                   Start_Coordinate_K_Direction   = 0.00 ,     !--- Start coordinate along the K-direction
                   End_Coordinate_K_Direction     = 0.00 ,     !--- End of the domain along the K-direction
                   Cells_Number_I_Direction       = 384 ,      !--- Number of cells along the I-direction (not counting the ghost cells)
                   Cells_Number_J_Direction       = 128 ,      !--- Number of cells along the J-direction (not counting the ghost cells)
                   Cells_Number_K_Direction       = 1,         !--- Number of cells along the K-direction (not counting the ghost cells)
                   Regular_Mesh                   = .true. /   !--- The grid is regular for any direction
Even though the geometry is 2D, the third direction must be set. Just one cell must be set for the K-direction.

For OpenMP or MPI parallel computing

(Not for the release SUNFLUIDH_EDU).
The code SUNFLUIDH can perform OpenMP or MPI computing (if it has been compiled with the appropriate options, see How to configure the makefile). The user can configure a parallel computing from the data file by setting the appropriate variables of the previous namelist. All details for our example are given here.

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