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The physical properties for an incompressible fluid without multi-species components

We report here the dimensionless data set about the fluid properties defined above.

  &Fluid_Properties  Variable_Density            = .false. , !---- Incompressible fluid
                     Constant_Mass_Flow          = .true.  , !---- The mass flowrate is constant
                     Heat_Transfer_Flow          = .true.  , !---- Heat transfer enabled
                     Reference_Density            = 1.0    , !---- Dimensionless fluid density
                     Reference_Dynamic_Viscosity  = 1.D-02 , !---- Dimensionless dynamic viscosity (=1/Reh)
                     Reference_Temperature        = 1.0    , !---- Dimensionless reference temperature (=Tc*)
                     Prandtl                      = 0.71   , !---- Prandtl number value
                     Thermal_Expansion_Coefficient= 1.0   /  !---- Dimensionless thermal expansion coeffficient
The heat capacity of the fluid is not set here because unuseful. For incompressible flows without multi-species components, the enthalpy equation is reduced to an advective-diffusive transport equation for temperature. Only the thermal must be defined which is directly computed from the “Reference_Dynamic_Viscosity”, the “Reference_Density” and the “Prandtl” values.
For more examples about the fluid properties setting click here.

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