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The old release

The old version of file vifield_s.dat is composed with 12 lines of integer values. This version is still available for people used to the old version of VISFIELD.

  • The first two lines allows the user to select a series of files should be converted. The first line is associated to the subdomain number and the second line to the file number which are included in the file name.
  • The following line contains one integer value which defines the type of file to convert
    • 0 : instantaneous fields : res_yyyyy_xxxxxxx.d
    • 1 : statistical fields : rst_yyyyy_xxxxxxx.d
  • The third following lines are associated to the grid indices of the computational domain. These index set allows the user to build a space box for extracting only a part of fields from the computational domain.
    If one of these index values is set to zero, the whole domain is considered regardless of the meshsize, including the ghost cells.
  • The following line contains just one integer value for selecting the type of format in which the file will be converted.
    0 : tecplot format (.plt) - 1 : VTK format (.vtk).
  • The following line is a peculiar data related to the vtk format conversion. An integer data defines if the vtk data must be written as a rectilinear form (value 0) or a structured-grid form (value 1).
  • The four last lines are reserved to the special case of data manipulation : Please, do not consider them for your work and do not modify them.
00000  1 !--- 1st subdomain number and total number of subdomains for file selection (related to the 1st number in the file name)
0 200  1 !--- 1st file number, last file number and file number-step for file selection (related to the 2nd number in the file name)
0        !--- Type of file to convert (0 : instantaneous fields, 1: statistical fields)
0  130   !--- Start and end indices along the I-direction | => space box for considering only a part of fields 
1  130   !--- Start and end indices along the J-direction |    a zero value indicates the whole computational domain is considered
1  130   !--- Start and end indices along the K-direction |
1        !--- selection of the format conversion -> 0 : tecplot format (.plt) - 1 : VTK format (.vtk)
0        ! Only for VTK format -> 0 : rectilinear form , 1: structured grid form
0        !--- special data. Do not modify it.
rst_00000_0000001.d !--- special data. Do not modify it.
3                   !--- special data. Do not modify it.
1   3               !--- special data. Do not modify them.

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The new release

The new version of file, visfield_sunfluidh.dat, allows you to use much more functionalities of VISFIELD, like slice reading. Data setup is organised with the concept of Namelist. All possibilites are described in the example given here.

Data parameters for converting the SUNFLUIDH binary files to Tecplot or VTK format
New data file for the new release of VISFIELD
          Domain decomposition  (MPI simulation)
Number of subdomains along each direction  (I,J and K)
for a simulation performed with a domain decomposition approach (MPI)
If MergingData_Enabled=.true., all subdomain fields are grouped in a same Tecplot or VTK file
&DomainDecompositionFeatures NumberOfSubdomains_Idir= 1,
                             NumberOfSubdomains_Jdir= 1,
                             NumberOfSubdomains_Kdir= 1,
                             MergingData_Enabled=.false. /
            File parameters
Define the features of the file to convert
TypeOfData ='snapshots'       --> instantaneous fields                     : files res_xxxxx_yyyyyyy.d
TypeOfData ='block_snapshots' --> instantaneous fields on specified blocks : files res_xxxxx_yyyyyyy.d
TypeOfData ='stastistics'     --> statistics fields                        : files rst_xxxxx_yyyyyyy.d
TypeOfData ='slices'          --> fields on slices                         : files slice_sn_d_xxxxx_yyyyyyy.d
Special data :
TypeOfData ='space_averaged_snapshots'       --> space averaged snapshots along a direction : files spav_plan_d_yyyyyyy.d
             Default parameters implicitly imposed : MergingData_Enabled= .false. (data already gathered in a unic file)
                                                     Any parameter related to the domain decomposition is set such as only one domain is considered
with :
          xxxxx   : rank of subdomain (MPI process)
          yyyyyyy : number associated to the time recording of data
          d       : this number indicates the orientation of the plan (automatically considered by the VISFIELD)
          sn      : rank of the plane (rank in the SUNFHLUIDH data file)
          FirstSubdomainRank  = xxxxx   : first subdomain rank for files to convert
          NumberOfSubdomains  = xxxxx   : Number of subdomains to consider from FirstSubdomainRank
          SubdomainsStride              : Stride on subdomain ranks
          FirstRecordingIndex = yyyyyyy : first time recording value for files to convert
          LastRecordingIndex  = yyyyyyy : last time recording value for files to convert
          IndexStride                   : stride on time recording value
          FirstSlice_ID= sn      : Value of the first rank for 'slices' data files to convert
          LastSlice_ID = sn      : Value of the last  rank for 'slices' data files to convert
          FirstBlock_ID= sn      : Value of the first rank for 'block_snapshots' data files to convert
          LastBlock_ID = sn      : Value of the last  rank for 'block_snapshotss' data files to convert
Notes : - By default SubdomainsStride and IndexStride are set to 1
        - By default NumberOfSubdomains = NumberOfSubdomains_Idir * NumberOfSubdomains_Jdir* NumberOfSubdomains_Kdir
        - When 'slices' is selected, FirstSubdomainRank must be the lowest MPI rank in which the plane is defined.
                                     when MergingData_Enabled= .true. : NumberOfSubdomains is automatically updated by
                                                                        VISFIELD in regard to  NumberOfSubdomains_Idir, NumberOfSubdomains_Jdir and NumberOfSubdomains_Kdir
                                     when MergingData_Enabled= .false. :  NumberOfSubdomains must take into account all the MPI rank covering the plane
                                                                         (NumberOfSubdomains= FirstSubdomainRank + the highest MPI rank in which the plane is defined)
                                     If a file selected by VISFIELD is not present in the work directory, it is ignored
        - When 'snapshots' or 'statistics' is selected, NumberOfSubdomains can be ignored if NumberOfSubdomains_Idir, NumberOfSubdomains_Jdir, NumberOfSubdomains_Kdir are correctly set.
                                                        All subdomain will be considered if FirstSubdomainRank= 0
                                                        if the user want only convert some subdomain files, he may plays with FirstSubdomainRank, NumberOfSubdomains, SubdomainsStride
        - When 'space_averaged_snapshots' is selected, MergingData_Enabled= .false.  . Data are automatically regrouped in a single file
                                     If a file selected by VISFIELD is not present in the work directory, it is ignored
&DataFileFeatures  TypeOfData="statistics",
                   FirstRecordingIndex=1 ,
                   LastRecordingIndex= 1 ,
                   IndexStride= 1 /
!DataFileFeatures  TypeOfData="snapshots",
                   FirstRecordingIndex=1 ,
                   LastRecordingIndex= 5,
                   IndexStride= 1 /
!DataFileFeatures  TypeOfData="block_snapshots",
                   FirstRecordingIndex=1 ,
                   LastRecordingIndex= 10,
                   IndexStride= 1
                   LastBlock_ID=1 /
!DataFileFeatures  TypeOfData="slices",
                   FirstRecordingIndex= 1 ,
                   LastRecordingIndex=  10,
                   FirstSubdomainRank  = 0,
                   NumberOfSubdomains= 1,
                   IndexStride= 1 /
!DataFileFeatures  TypeOfData="space_averaged_snapshots",
                   FirstRecordingIndex=1 ,
                   LastRecordingIndex= 40 /
            Format conversion
VelocityCylindricalCoordinates= .True. In cylindrical geometry, the coordinates are converted to cartesian geometry while the velocity components leave in cylindrical geometry
                                       else (false) they also converted
TecplotFormat_Enabled= .true.   Binary data are converted to Tecplot data
VTKFormat_Enabled    = .true.   Binary data are converted to Legacy VTK data
&DataFormat  VelocityCylindricalCoordinates=.False.,
             TecplotFormat_Enabled = .True. /
            !VTKFormat_Enabled= .true. /
    Special case : Extract field fluctuations from snapshots and statistics data
                   RESTRICTED USE !!!!
&ExtractFluctuations_Special/ ExtractFluctuations_Enabled= .false. ,
                                            NumberOfFields= 1,
                                            StatisticsFileName='rst_00000_0000001.d' /         

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