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Namelist "SpaceAveragedSnapshots_Dataset"

This data set is used to get the space-averaged fields of physical quantities in a specific direction at un given time. The recording rate is specified in the namelist “Simulation_Management”.

Full data set of the namelist

 &SpaceAveragedSnapshots_Dataset  SpaceAverageDirection="J-DIRECTION", Field_Number=3, List_of_Fields="U","V","W"/       


  • Type : Character string
  • Set the the direction in which the space average is performed : “I-DIRECTION”, “J-DIRECTION” or “K-DIRECTION”


  • Type : Integer value
  • Set the number of fields for which the space average will be computed.


  • Type : Character string.
  • Set the name of physical quantities for which the space average will be computed (6 characters max.). See the namelist Namelist "Instantaneous_Fields_Listing" in order to get the list of available physical quantities.
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