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Initialization of the velocity, temperature and density over the domain

The fluid density is implicitly initialized with a uniform field because the fluid is incompressible and homogeneous. No data set is therefore required.

For initializing an incompressible bi-fluid flow, see the Namelist "Two_Fluids_Initialization". For initializing a multi-components flow, see the Namelist "Species_Initialization".

The initial fluid temperature is uniform over the domain.

 &Temperature_Initialization Temperature_Reference_Value          = 1.0 ,  !--- Default value 
                             Initial_Field_Option_For_Temperature = 0   /  !--- Initialization of the field with the default value
At present, only the uniform initialization of the temperature field is available unless the user creates its own initialization procedure in the fortran source file “module_user_define_init_fields.f90”.

The initial velocity field is defined by spreading out the inflow velocity profile. This choice allows us to ensure a perfect flowrate conservation between inflow and outflow for the first time step.

  &Velocity_Initialization  I_Velocity_Reference_Value = 0.0     ,  !--- default value for the I-velocity component
                            J_Velocity_Reference_Value = 0.0     ,  !--- default value for the J-velocity component
                            K_Velocity_Reference_Value = 0.0     ,  !--- default value for the K-velocity component
                          Initial_Field_Option_For_Velocity_I = 3 , !--- the inflow velocity profile is spread out in the I-direction
                          Initial_Field_Option_For_Velocity_J = 0 , !--- Initialization of the field with the default value
                          Initial_Field_Option_For_Velocity_K = 0. /!--- Initialization of the field with the default value
The variables related to the white noise have been removed.
The velocity field initialization depends on the velocity profile defined in the namelist Inlet_Boundary_Condition.
For more examples about the velocity field initialization click here.
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